Dubai is a luxurious pleasure-dome set in the exotic Arabian Gulf driven by fashion and style. Dubai features a constantly innovative land where soaring skyscrapers create spectacular skylines.

Dubai is known for the long list of possibilities to entertain the travellers from sand-skiing, sky-diving, 4 WD desert safaris, world class golf camel and horse racing. There are many ways to experience Dubai and there are many reasons Dubai is best destination where to have a vacation.

One of the best ways to explore Dubai is from a yacht. The views of the city from a yacht rental are absolutely spectacular, and it is an experience that you’re sure not to forget.

For many people, the reason they would choose a yacht rental in Dubai, would be to have a really great party. Some of them have live DJs, widescreen TVs, karaoke, a private chef and much more so to make a night out on the water the party that your friends will never forget.

Dubai Yacht Rentals

Before you rent a yacht and sign the agreement you should definitely be sure about the number of guests you will have going with you. Knowing the number of guests that will be with you will determine the size of the group and you will have choices between different party yacht rentals.

There are many things to take in consideration when you plan a party aboard a yacht, it is like arranging an event on land. Having a party in a yacht will give the possibility to choose different places to go around. Your start point could be the Marina in Dubai, from there you can go and visit the YAS circuit in Abu Dhabi and have arranged a tour of the circuit and much more. The location is key when it comes to identifying the picture-perfect for the shoot.

From the incredible archway of Atlantis or the Palm Jumeirah including the Downtown skyline that is an ultimate vista; this location deserves to be appreciated from a yacht. Get perfect shots of the Burj Khalifa, and if you’re sailing between 8pm and 10pm, you’ll be able to sail under the canal’s waterfall. Enjoy sumptuous views of the strip of the palaces, and sail by the world’s largest artificial archipelago: the World Islands. There are endless of possibilities.

Your party in a yacht will give the experience of a lifetime, the crew members are professionals and also friendly people that will make sure to provide the highest levels of quality and service

Having a party on a boat will guarantee memories that will last a lifetime.


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