Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Why Billionaires choose Costa Smeralda for their vacations

“This land resembles no other place. Sardinia is something else. Enchanting spaces and distances to travel-nothing finished, nothing definitive. It is like freedom itself”– DH Lawrence

The Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast) on the North-East coast ofSardinia, Italy, attracts international billionaires and celebrities of all nationalities. Olbia airport (OLB) during the high season has the highest traffic of private jets in the world.

It is considered the perfect playground due to the yachts, designer boutiques, fine dining and the vibrant nightlife in an enchanting natural setting. The luxury traveler will find everything he or she dreams: Caribbean-like beaches in the daytime, and excellent services and facilities.

Costa Smeralda is home to famous European beaches: Principe Beach, Capriccioli, Pevero, Liscia Rujia and la Celvia where the real estate and the hotel room consistently rate among the world’s most expensive, including the Hotel Cala di Volpe, where The Spy Who Loved Me, a James Bond ¬†film was shot in 1977.

The story of Costa Smeralda has started back in 1962 when nobody knew this area apart of the owner of San Pellegrino brand and couple of others business men. A famous entrepreneur brought the attention of Costa Smeralda to Prince Karim Aga Khan in the same year and invited him to explored the land. The Prince discovered the area landing in Olbia and the locals had taken him to what was called the Monti di Mola. Until the 50s the locals ignored the lands near the beaches and rather built and lived in the in land part. When the Prince arrived he thought it was not what he expected, not electricity, no roads, no buildings, no services, but he bought it anyway. It was when during a summer holiday, while he was cruising with his yacht that he had decided to leave the French Riviera and headed to Sardinia, when he had arrived from the sea he found what he called the most magnificent land on earth. It was the same part he explored but from the sea he felt in love with the area, the sun sparkling and the blue of the sky, the emerald color of the water and the pink color of the rocks and he called is Costa Smeralda, Emerald Coast. From that time this land remains famous from the colours of the flowers, the water, the sky, the particular pink granite. A one of a kind destination where the celebrities and the billionaires from all over the world find Costa Smeralda their home in Porto Cervo and around that area, creating the status symbol. From Greta Garbo, to Jacqueline Kennedy to name a few and of course the Prince himself had chosen Costa Smeralda for their vacation, and nowadays it is still the same.

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