Friday, November 27, 2020
If you want to know where to spend your holidays in December, this is the best destination based on the temperature and events. December is approaching, and now is the best time to book a holiday in one of these ideal destinations!



Heaven is at your fingertips! Surrounded by the cobalt blue of the Pacific Ocean, the Azores are the island of eternal spring. The nine islands that make up this Portuguese archipelago are characterized by the famous high pressure anticyclone of the same name, characterized by a subtropical climate and its temperature will not be lower than that of spring. For this reason and the existence of a large amount of water, the Azores are extremely lush, with spectacular natural scenery and greenery in front of you. Sao Miguel, Terceira, Fajal, Pico, Sao Jorge … Each island is different, but in all In these islands you will find vibrant and extinct volcanoes, natural pools, waterfalls, beaches and mountains. The nine islands have airports and are all connected by internal flights operated by Sata, only in summer there is the ferry option, but this significantly lengthens travel times.

Note: the frequency of connections varies from several times a day to several times a week, and varies from one season to another, so to avoid unpleasant surprises, please book your itinerary in advance. The advice is to connect to the airline’s website and establish your temporary travel plan, research the best connections and those that can save you time and money. The website also allows you to purchase a flight package, which greatly facilitates your work.Azzorre, guida di viaggio e consigli per organizzare le vacanze - Portogallo .info



The capital of Andalusia is perfect for a December holiday: it perfectly reflects the spirit and traditions of the region, it is a monumental city, always lively, thanks to the decidedly favorable climate even in the middle of winter. Seville is home to Carmen, Don Giovanni and Figaro, as well as flamenco and bullfights, and has so many things to see that you can visit it in a weekend or a week without ever getting bored! Start your visit with the magnificent cathedral, the largest church in the world built on the foundations of an ancient mosque, and the Giralda, the symbol of the city. Seville is the perfect holiday destination, and its charm derives from the domination of the various civilizations that have shaped it and made it unique on a world scale: today Seville is the union of three continents, Europe, Africa and America. Seville’s artistic heritage boasts a medieval old town rising above the tranquil Guadalquivir River, made up of winding streets and aristocratic neighborhoods, filled with courtyards and hidden squares. The palaces and churches are impressive and their architecture – Roman, Islamic, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque – is the most prestigious in southern Spain.


Malta, visited in the summer by young people from half of Europe, is the perfect destination for a December holiday. The islands offer a lot and really for everyone, from archeology, to the historical and architectural beauties of their cities, to the natural beauties of land and sea, perfect for those who want to go walking, climbing or diving. The archipelago of Malta, also known as the Calipsee Islands, is the southern country of the European Union, located about 90 km from the south-eastern coast of Sicily and together with the islands of Pantelleria and Lampedusa, forms a triangle of Mediterranean islands between the coasts of Italy and Tunisia. It consists of the islands of Malta, Gozo, the islet of Comino and other smaller rocks. The coastal areas are generally high and rocky, and are intertwined with some spectacular beaches, characterized by clear waters, deep water inlets and natural caves. The Maltese Islands are submerged by dense vegetation typical of Mediterranean bushes. The bright and lively colors of the lemon and bougainvillea plants make them bloom in the continuous summer sun. The aromas of thyme, rosemary, lavender and mint are always accompanied. The paths of those who enter the path are immersed in the green interior of the island.Cosa vedere a Malta | Isole | Mare e Spiagge - Idee di viaggio -



Among the perfect places for December holidays, Her, the westernmost capital of Europe, was a fascinating and exotic place. Lisbon is in fact located in a magnificent geographical position, spread over 7 hills overlooking the Tagus River and the sea, has a continental climate and a multicultural air thanks to a mix of traditions originating from former colonies in South America and the Africa. Lose yourself in the alleys of Alfama until you reach the castle of Sao Jorge and the wonderful miradouros of Santa Luzia and Graça, before continuing on to Plaça do Comercio and the lively Barrio Alto. Here, choose one of the many rooftop bars and enjoy the sunset over the river like a true Lisbon lover, perhaps tasting a “gingina”. Lisbon is the westernmost capital of Europe, the only one with a view of the Atlantic Ocean. This gives the city a particularly bright and beautiful sky, always blue and clear. The most characteristic panorama of the city is certainly the panorama of the numerous alleys crossed by the typical yellow tram, one of the symbols of the city. The houses seem squashed together and the sea breeze lifts the ancient stories of fishermen and sailors into the air.


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