Nature Therapy

Where Nature Therapy Meets Luxury

The Japanese ritual of Forest Bathing also known as Shinrin-Yoku or nature therapy is being studied for its impact on healing and its health benefits. True Forest Bathing involves immersion in nature and the use of all five senses. Your tired mind went to a sleepless, restless night on a hard, wet ground, where you imagined waking up exhausted, skin teaming with mosquito bites, did it not? But a way; in fact more than one way does exist to reap the benefits of nature immersion without compromising the comforts of home. You can strengthen immunity and boost your mood while sparing your back and skin and remaining plugged in to the outside world, if you so choose. The possibilities come in exciting and luxurious packages.

Remote but Not Remotely Uncomfortable

Think not of all the comforts of home; think more. Think all the benefits of a luxury hotel in places so remote that hotels cannot exist. This is camping meets hospitality. If traditional “glamping” provides a luxury camp-like experience, this is a whole new level of immersion. These are luxury tented camps. Luxury tented camps specialize in remote experiences. They allow for opportunities for immersion in nature from sleeping to eating and adventuring.  A whole day spent fly fishing means that at the end of the day, you’ll be read to unwind with a delicious chef-cooked meal, a dip in the hot-tub and then cozy into fresh sheets in your canvas-covered suite. 

Unplug without Unplugging

Some luxury tented camps even include WiFi. If you are keen on all forms of balance and, after a full day of horse-back riding coupled with wine tasting at a tented camp like Collective Vail, Colorado, you feel like checking to make sure the stock market is still buzzing along, you may likewise balance your repertoire. Thinking more international? Other fun places to check the stock market proceedings are Karawira Serena Camp in the Serengeti or Tented Cabins in the south of Thailand.

Gone is the day when the word nature implied some form of discomfort and the word therapy implied work, awkward moments and general antagonism. Get ready to immerse your senses in all the beauty and serenity that nature offers joint with all the luxurious comforts of your favorite upscale hotel. Prepare to enjoy your beauty without pain, topped with some zen and health benefits to boot.

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