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Weird and Wonderful Hotels

You learn and see so much when you travel. Its one of the most eye-opening experiences out there, one that can only better you. It adds valuable insights to you and your perspective on the world. It’s a chance to throw caution to the wind, to experience new sights and smells and sounds. To meet new and exciting people and experience diverse cultures and traditions from your own. It is a priceless experience one that opens your mind and your heart. There is something else that makes travelling around the world so exciting. The architecture – now before I lose you let me explain. A destination’s buildings represent the history of its people, of the place and those who inhabit it both past, present and in the future. Its designs and shapes tell a story about the places idea’s on beauty and functionality and can be an insight into the types of people you’ll meet and what you can expect. It’s hard to imagine the different processes that make up the creation of these buildings, the different design processes, the different execution of the designs as well as the different health and safety requirements.

Whatever your reason for travel and wherever your adventurous spirit takes you be sure to take note of the different architectural spaces, how and why they are there and the beauty and inspiration that they represent and evoke. Watch out for out top five weird and wonderful buildings and make sure to tick them off your bucket list.

  1. Lotus Temple | India Delhi

The Lotus Temple also known as the Taj Mahal of the 20th Century or the Baha’i House of Worship is one of the world’s greatest architectural marvels. The temple is built of pure white marble and designed in the shape of a Lotus flower which is a common symbol of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Islam. Symbolic with purity, spiritual awakening and faithfulness the lotus flower represents all that the temple stand for – represented of that of the Baha’i faith believing in the Oneness of God, the Oneness of Religion and the Oneness of Mankind. The temple is place for all religions and races to pray and meditate. Completed in 1986 the Lotus Temple is a must see site – one that is both inspiring and moving and evokes a sense of unity, peace justices and altruism.

  1. Cathedral of Brasilia | Brazil

The Brasilia Cathedral officially known as the Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of Aparecida was dedicated to the blessed Virgin Mary proclaimed by the church as the Queen and Patroness of Brazil. The concrete-framed hyperboloid structure, with its glass roof appears to be reaching up open to the heavens – most of the cathedral however is below ground with only the roof and the bell tower of the baptistry visible above ground. The Cathedral is open to all faiths and is one of the world’s most interesting post-modern cathedrals the world has to offer. The space is reflective and tranquil with a grandeur that is hard to initiate. Next time you find yourself in Brasilia make a little effort to see this gorgeous architectural wonder.

  1. La Pedrera | Barcelona

The Casa Mila, better known as the La Pedrera, the ‘open quarry’. Its name is given due to its unconventional rough-hewn appearance. The modernist building is controversial due to  undulating stone facade and its twisting wrought iron balconies. The building also sports several structural innovations not only of its time but even today. Its self-supporting stone facade, it’s free plan floor, underground parking and rooftop terrace. There is something mystical about the Casa Mila, something that oozes creativity beauty and love and you can’t help but marvel and its innovation. Despite some political drama in the area that caused by journalists, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This piece of Barcelonian history was completed in 1912, and is still dazzling in its beauty today.

  1. Cubic Houses | Rotterdam

The Curious Cube Houses Of Rotterdam look like something straight out of a Dr. Seuss movie. Quirk and with a sunny lemon yellow colour these houses are hard to miss.Structurally, the cubes sit tilted on a hexagonal pole. They are made up of concrete floors, concrete pillars and wooden framing.  The architectural wonder which was constructed in the 1970’s was briefed to solve the dilemma of space, and building houses on top of pedestrian bridges and so these unique asymmetrical cubic houses were built. Meant to represent an abstract forest with the tops of the houses meant to collectively look like treetops this quirky little homestead is a must see architectural design like no other. If you can mind the creeping feelings of claustrophobia and the daunting thought of stepping into a scene from Inception than this is a place for you.

  1. Rotating Tower | Dubai

This building looks like its is straight out of a sci fi-movie, something that is not entirely of this world. The Dynamic Tower or what it is more famously known as The Da Vinci Tower is a 80 floor moving – yes moving skyscraper, with each floor designed to rotate separately resulting in an ever changing, ever moving tower shape. Each floor rotates a maximum of six meters per minute and is powered solely by wind turbines and solar panels. This is truly an architectural feat like no other and the design and execution of this building is out of this world. It is a small glimpse into the what we can expect from the future of architecture.



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Weird and Wonderful Hotels