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Trekking Holidays in Pakistan

Pakistan is a beautiful country with some of the best hiking in the world. Imposing mountains, lush valleys, spectacular rivers and lakes … There is much more to Pakistan than travel tips and what you see in the news. Today we will take you to discover some things and ways to spend a fantastic holiday in Pakistan.

1-K2 base camp Trek

Deep in the Karakoram range in northern Pakistan lies a mountain, or rather a series of legendary mountains steeped in mystery, clouds and ice. Above them is the second largest mountain on earth: K2. For seasoned adventurers looking to escape the crowds in Nepal and around Everest, a trip to K2 base camp is a unique opportunity to experience something of local magic, beauty, and culture found nowhere else on ours planet. The K2 base camp trek is a must for anyone serious about embarking on one of the least traveled long distance treks in the world. Because? Because well, it’s a lot of fun and the atmosphere is second to none. Below I answer the most important questions about what exactly K2 trekking means, what to pack for two weeks in Karakorum, the cost of the K2 Base Camp trekking, ground logistics, how to choose the right tour company, permits required. , travel to Pakistan and much more.Trekking to K2 base camp in Pakistan: everything you need to know - Lonely  Planet

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2-K2 Concordia trek

The Concordia K2 trek is located in Pakistan and the Himalayan mountain range runs along the Concordia Circus. The entire route is 160 km long, arriving at the base of K2 and then back. Magical and uncontaminated places are the main ingredient of this exclusive journey, between steep walls and huge glaciers. During the journey, in fact, you can admire the imposing Baltoro Glacier with its magnificent peaks including: the “shining wall” of Gasherbrum, the “broad peak” of Broad Peak and the “great mountain” of Chogo Rì or K2 . Departure is in Islamabad, although the hike begins in Skardu, where the trail extends along the Braldu River valley to Concordia Circus. The stages of the journey are 21, and in some places it reaches 4,600 meters. This is a very demanding but not impossible trek, in fact no particular technical skills are required to tackle the Concordia K2 Trek, but rather a good state of physical fitness and health, along with an adventurous spirit and adaptation.

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3-K2 And Gondogoro la trek

Gondogoro La Trek (also known as K2 Gondogoro La Trek) offers the only opportunity to see four of the world’s fourteen eight thousand peaks from one location. The first 12 days of our Gondogoro La Trek and our K2 Base Camp Trek itinerary are the same. The extension of the K2 Base Camp Trek to the Hushey Valley from Concordia to Gondogoro / La Pass makes the Gondogoro La Trek a circular route. Walking on the unpredictable but charismatic and enchanting Baltoro glacier, we will see some famous and beautiful mountains. Passing the Trango Tower, Uli Biaho and Muztagh Tower in Karakoram National Park, we reach the intersection of the Baltoro and Godwin Austen glaciers. You will enjoy unrivaled views of K2 and other Karakorum giants such as Gasherbrum IV, Broad Peak known as Falchan Kungari, dominated by the highest peak K-2 (8,611m) and Miter Peak. On an optional day in Concord, you must choose to walk to K2 Base Camp and Broad Peak or a rest day to hike Ali’s Camp at Gondogoro La Pass.K2 Gondogoro La Trek | 2020 - Book Now | - K2 Base  Camp Trek

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