Travelling on a Budget: How to Experience a Luxury Holiday on a Tight Budget

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Travelling abroad and visiting exotic new places can cost a fortune! Most people will agree that the number one thing holding them back from travelling the world is; you guessed it, MONEY!

However, you don’t have to be rich to travel the world. There are plenty of ways to travel cheaply while still experiencing a luxury holiday. In this post, we’re going to show you how to experience a luxury holiday on a tight budget.

Plan Your Trip

Nothing feels better than spontaneous travel – booking your trip and flying out all within 2 weeks can’t be beaten. However, it also tends to cost considerably more money as you’re booking in-demand last-minute flights. If you’re on a budget this won’t work for you, so the first thing you need to do is plan your trip.

Planning your trip month’s in advance can save you considerable amounts of money. Leaving less to chance means you’re less likely to run into unexpected costs; last-minute flights and accommodation are far more expensive.

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Travel During Off-Peak Times

Travel is seasonal. What’s considered “off-peak” in one country might not be in another. Each country tends to have different tourist seasons, so doing a little research on the most popular time’s people visit your destination will go a long way in reducing your overall expenditure.

It’s also worth considering your when people in your own country will be looking to travel. During school holidays, the travel industry hikes up prices to take advantage of whole families who are only available to travel during these times. Research the best times to visit your destination and then visit slightly before or after these dates.

Check for Discounts and Deals

Package holiday deals are a great way to bag yourself a flight and hotel for considerably less than their usual prices. There are always incredible deals, discounts and promotions available online for just about every destination you could imagine. It’s all about being patient and keeping an eye out for these deals.

Often these deals are limited time or capacity so you have to be quick, but with a little searching, it’s not surprising for luxury resorts and destinations to promote themselves with great deals and discounts.

Hire a Travel Advisor/Agent

Many people try to avoid travel advisors as they think they’ll hike up prices in order to make their commission greater, however, this isn’t true. Travel advisors don’t hike up prices when they see you walk in, they’re actually paid a commission by the supplier of the hotel/tour. If the price says ‘£199pp’ then that’s likely what they tour/hotel operator is charging, and not a figure just made up by travel advisors.

In fact, travel advisors will likely save you money somewhere down the line as they often have access to information, deals, benefits and discounts that the casual travel won’t have access to, meaning you get onto the same tours and experience the same thrills for a fraction of the price.

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Book Your Travel Early

This is a huge one, and it’s super easy! Once you’ve decided on a location, somewhere to stay and what you plan to do while you’re there, book it as early as possible. This will often keep your costs lower than if you’d booked within a month or so of your departure date.

Many travel agents allow you to spread the cost of your holiday up until the week of your departure, if you’ve booked early enough this might allow you to spend a little more on your trip as you’re not having to pay it off in one bulk sum.

Spend Big on One Thing

Choose how you want to spend your money. Are you looking for a relaxing 7-day break just laying on the beach and swimming in the pool? Well then spend big on a luxury home rental you can enjoy all to yourself. Looking to experience some incredible sights and experiences? Then consider a hostel or cheap accommodation in order to spend big on amazing tours, experiences and sights.

Look out for Villas and Home Rentals

Before searching for your favourite hotel comparison site, you might want to consider looking whether there will be any private villas or home rentals available. While you often associate a villa or private home with high-end budgets it can actually end up much cheaper if you’re not travelling alone.

Some villas are capable of housing 3-5 people, and others are capable of housing groups of up to 20. Splitting the costs between you and all your friends could save you money when compared with a hotel, as these luxury homes often cost around £200-250 per night, which when split between 5 people is only £50 per night.

Following these simple tips, and just generally being savvy and on the lookout for deals and discounts can have you experiencing a luxury holiday without the wallet burning budget that often goes along with it.


This post was written by Haven on Earth; family-run business dedicated to providing added value to your holiday.

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