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Top 6 best things to do & see in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka could be described as one of the most beautiful islands around the world. It is set just off the southern Indian fringe at about 600 miles north of the equator in the Indian Ocean. There is strong evidence that human civilization has existed in this tiny island nation for over 2000 years now. The island’s teeming natural beauties, a great legacy of its historic events, and a well-admired ability to host the outside world have always been applauded by travelers. Those who love exploring ancient worlds, the serenity of nature and going through the excitement of life will always want to be part of Sri Lanka holidays.

1. Indulge in Good Health with Ayurveda

Ayurveda — derived from the Sanskrit words for life (ayuh) and knowledge or science (veda) — is an ancient science dating back more than 5,000 years.  The sister science to yoga, Ayurveda is a holistic health system that focuses on your true nature and finding balance for living a life of wellness and vitality through daily practices.  The doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha are representations of the elements, Air, Fire, Earth, Water and Space. The practice of Ayurveda assists your body and mind in healing itself. Ayurveda is a beautiful accessible practice you can incorporate into your life to bring peace and joy every day. Immerse yourself in one of the Ayurveda treatment centres in the ancient cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa. Ayurveda experts will explain you how  this form of treatment helps boost the immune system, promotes a general sense of well-being and even helps delay the ageing process. The Ayurvedic principle of body, mind and soul is becoming very popular in the West where many people are now looking to travel more often to Sri Lanka.

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2. Explore Colombo

Colombo is usually the start of finish of a Sri Lankan holiday. This city boasts a rich colonial heritage, it features so much cultures and races. Colombo is known as ‘Kolon thota’ – the native name of the city meaning ‘port’ – it became ‘Colombo’ under colonial rule.

The city nowadays is eclectic with skylines and shiny office towers. When in Colombo you should not miss the bustling street markets where you can discover fragrant spices, colorful silks, and fresh fruits. Make time to visit the Old Dutch Hospital close to the Colombo Fort. If you love sunsets you should not miss the sunset on Galle Face Green, the city’s ocean-front.

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3. Experience a fab whale watching tour

The ever smiling, mischievous dolphins will put on a show while some of the oldest and the largest sea creatures, the humpback and the blue whales, will nonchalantly  glide past you, when you embark on a whale/ dolphin watching excursion off the Southern, Eastern or the West coast of Sri Lanka. The ideal locations for whale watching would be Dondra Point (accessible from Galle, Hikkaduwa and Mirissa) and Trincomalee while the sea off Kalpitiya teems with an abundance of dolphins.

“The passenger craft Princess of Lanka”  for whale watching/sea cruises under the auspices of Jet liner nautical enterprise will chart the waters as a recreational cruise ship whilst witnessing the beauty of Sri Lankan territorial waters in Indian ocean where passengers will have a rare opportunity of close encounter with the largest living mammals and spinning dolphins with luxury and comfort. The ship is redressed and equipped to cater to the needs of the new clientele and is manned by a well disciplined and highly trained professional naval crew who are in par with the best in the hospitality industry. The cruises are scheduled to operate from Galle and Trincomalee during the period of month of November to April and month of May to October respectively.

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4. Savor Local Cuisine

Sri Lankan cuisine is a reflection of both its diverse landscape and its resourceful people. The environment of Sri Lanka is typical of coconut-fringed wet zones, arid dry zone and cooler tea-coated highlands, it is very easy to grow everything, meaning that vegetables, fruit, fish, meat, and spices are all in abundance and come in a wide variation.

Rice and curry are the Sri Lankan main dishes and they do add all the possibilities of ingredient so to create unique recipes. The Island of Sri Lanka is very small, you can have the vegetables that grow on the hills of the country side and a variety of the food all fresh everyday on your plate, due to the fact that food have to travel a few hours from one side to the other.

5. Climbing Sigiriya Rock up to the Lion Fortress

Now the top most visited historic attraction in Sri Lanka, the UNESCO world heritage site of Sigiriya and it will be soon one of the sites that travellers will make popular and most visited not only for the Sri Lankan region.

It is also known as Lion Rock, the area surrounding it has some fantastic, potentially pre-historic history. The rock itself is an archaeological treasure.  What makes this site incredible, is the historic example of city planning. The ruins of the royal palace is sat upon the top of the rock, abandoned, used as a monastery for Buddhist until the 14th century. The name ‘Lions Rock’ is due to the gateway entrance to the top which is formed of the paws of a lion.

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6. Relax on a tropical beach

The 1340 km (830 mi) of coastline with beautiful beaches will not disappoint you, if you are looking to relax on a tropical beach when in Sri Lanka. There are so many beaches to choose from, the beaches around Tangalle on the island’s  best south coast. If you dream of the dreaming tropical beach with swaying palms and expansive stretched of gold sand a turquoise water, look no further.

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