This Week Luxury Travel News | November 2019

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Amazing villas were launched and what makes the luxury villa rental market continuing to stand out are the luxury amenities and facilities offered within the property. It’s not new the fact that Haute Retreats selects the best villas in the market, keeping high standards and bespoke service. Having a 24/7 concierge service available is crucial when you rent a villa and Haute Retreats guarantees around the clock service Monday to Sunday to their guests. Increasing tailored and the personalization of the service offered to the travelers, the selection of villas became much accurate in terms of location and design.

Impressing properties were introduced to the industry and allowed high-end villa rentals to rise above the rest, creating fine places where to stay. 
Haute Retreats selected luxury homes that not only offer the finest amenities, giving the sense of home plus a memorable experience, bringing you closer to nature, as the Tree Pool House at Keemala in Phuket, or take you to sacred places, the case with the Royal Villa, an amazing villa at the Chablé Resort.

A few are iconic villas like Villa Balbiano, on Lake Como and Villa Manzu, in Costa Rica that stand out for their unbeatable locations and scrupulous attention to detail and amazing service. 

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Venice still needs tourists, say locals devastated by floods

Sebastian Fagarazzi was walking from the bus terminus at Piazzale Roma to his home in Cannaregio at lunchtime Wednesday when he saw two tourists coming towards him, suitcases in hand, ready to flee the city.”They were looking at the cars, like, ‘Oh my god, it’s salvation,'” he said.But while images of floating tables and water taxis run aground in Tuesday night’s floods have made the rounds, the city is not under water.

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The World’s First Hybrid Electric-Powered Cruise Ship Brings More Sustainable Travel To The Seas

Cruise travel has gotten a bit of a bad reputation. As the industry continues to grow, so do concerns of overtourism and harmful CO2 emissions. It often seems like companies prioritize profit, designating sustainability and the well-being of local communities as an afterthought.

Norwegian expedition cruise operator Hurtigruten hopes to change that—and rather than wait for industry rules and regulations to change, they’ve chosen to lead by example. 

The world’s first hybrid electric-powered cruise ship, the MS Roald Amundsen from Hurtigruten, just completed its first voyage to Antarctica with 431 passengers. Batteries on board help the ship operate much like a hybrid electric vehicle, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by more than twenty percent.

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