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The most instagrammable places in Rome

I have never seen a city as beautiful as Rome. There are a few places that come close, but the Eternal City has a particular mix of cobbled charm, incredible architecture, and adorable restaurants that makes Rome particularly Instagrammable. Many tourists do Street photography Roma because the streets of Rome are really beautiful and they love to capture moments of life in Rome, there are also many instagrammable places in Rome today I will list some of these wonderful places.


This lovely part of Rome used to be considered the wrong side of the river, but is now one of the most charming neighborhoods in the city. Walk the small alleys early in the morning to have the area all to yourself, or wait until sunset to catch the light on the church and the crowds of students and locals who head for aperitifs at the various outdoor bars that they are so popular here. Trastevere is one of the best places to see the mix between modern Rome and old Bella Rome, with trendy workshops and restaurants sitting essentially on top of each other.

2-Clivus of Scaurus

The Clivo (ascent) of Scaurus is little known to the Romans themselves, yet it is a very suggestive place and is perfect to present to you as the first Instagrammable place in Rome. In fact, you can breathe a particular air between history, peace and a pinch of mystery, walking along this road of ancient Rome that dates back to the second century BC. it has stood up to our times. Even with its original name (Clivus Scauri), taken from the Roman general and magistrate Marco Emilio Scauro who had it built! The climb skirts the Celio (one of the 7 Roman hills) and the Basilica of Saints John and Paul, of which from the outside you can see the shape of the semicircular apse, and the row of arches that pierce it. The Clivo, with its floor of eternal cobblestones and its gallery of brick arches (they are medieval buttresses), will give you an authentic flavor, a facet of lesser known Rome. And maybe you can set trends on Instagram with the hashtag Roma!

3-Villa Celimontana

Continuing the walk, on piazza SS. Giovanni e Paolo opens the entrance to Villa Celimontana, one of the many suggestive and instagrammable Roman parks, where I suggest you take a tour, especially in summer. After the square, the Clivo di Scauro becomes via di San Paolo della Croce and, after passing the arch of Dolabella and Silano, comes out into via della Navicella, where many other wonders of Rome await you. Above all, we recommend the Basilica of Santo Stefano Rotondo, a magnificent and unusual church with a circular plan full of atmosphere. The Clivo di Scauro is located between the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus, so it fits perfectly into an itinerary among many other super scenic places, first of all obviously the Flavian amphitheater but not only: continue to our second tip!


Rome is a wonderful city and if you want to do Roma Street photography to enclose in one click of your camera all the life and colors of this wonderful city for sure when you look at the photo in the future you will have a fantastic memory.


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