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From the winding mountain roads of the Alps to the paths that skirt the beautiful flower fields of the Netherlands, Europe offers you everything you want. Visit historic sites such as the WWII battlefields in Belgium or breathe the fresh air in the heart of the Scottish forest of Nairn. Taking a car trip in Europe is truly a beautiful experience, today we will list the best of all the car routes that can be done in Europe.



The Autobahn is the German highway system, there are no speed limits in non-urban regions and there are no toll stations. Motorists here really have the chance to fully enjoy the beautiful, perfectly connected German countryside. Also celebrated by a 1974 song by the German group Kraftwerk entitled Autobahn, the German motorway is certainly one of the best-known infrastructures in the world. With nearly 13,000 kilometers of roads, divided into 138 motorway sections, the autobahn connects all the cities of Germany in a capillary manner. Germania, autostrade senza limiti di velocità? Ormai è roba da cinema - Il Fatto Quotidiano

Ring of Kerry


The Irish countryside is known for being one of the most beautiful in Europe and the Ring of Kerry, a road trip in Europe by now well known and very popular, is the best way to drive in peace in the country and enjoy the spectacular places that this road passes through. This 200 kilometer loop is a perfect example of a typical Irish landscape: a gentle green countryside that slowly descends towards the sea and dotted with cottages, beautiful white sand coves, sweeping views of the sea and islands and corners from which you can enjoy wonderful views of the coastal landscape.

Amalfi Coast


The Amalfi Coast is a natural paradise, there are no other words to define this enchanted place, it is no coincidence that it is one of the 50 Italian sites that UNESCO declared “World Heritage” in 1997. The conformation of the Amalfi Coast for foreigners – makes it similar to a balcony suspended halfway over the cobalt blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the blue of the sky that many painters have tried to reproduce over the years. The Amalfi Coast, also known as Divina, is a living land, even if the emotions experienced make visitors doubt that it is a real place. costiera amalfitana italia sorrento mare vacanze_depositphotos - Gente d' Italia

Les Corniches


Three paths of absolute beauty, which cross picturesque villages and breathtaking views. Often referred to as les trois corniches for the three scenic roads that run between Nice and Monaco at different altitudes above sea level, this corner of the French Riviera is famous for its wonderful beauty and fascinating history. A stone’s throw from the Italian border, this corner of France is to be experienced with the lightheartedness of the protagonists of the films that were shot here.



The ideal, as well as the most plausible option in building your itinerary, is to arrive from Geiranger while heading north. In this way you will face the Troll Ladder from top to bottom, a considerable advantage if you are on a bike. In this way, after having ferried from Eidsdal to Linge you will gently ascend to a spectacular plateau of 700 meters, surrounded by rugged and barren peaks, and dotted with glacial lakes and snowfields. After approximately 40 km you will come to the Trollstigen Center, the visitor center at the top of the Troll Road. A coffee and a waffle are a must at the Trollstigen Kafé after the effort of getting here.Trollstigen, la Strada dei Troll tra i fiordi norvegesi | TrueRiders

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