The Best of Maldives: Coco Privé Private Island

Looking for your private corner on Earth? Haute Retreats believes one of the best places where to have an unforgettable vacation is on an atoll in the Maldives at Coco Privé Private Island. It is a tranquil ultra luxury complex of astonishing architecture surrounded by coral reefs in the bluest scenery of the Indian Ocean. You’ll love swimming with rare sea life, dine on gourmet meals, taking exotic spa treatments surrounded by a manicured jungle.

The Maldives is located South Asia and it’s the most luxurious escape with a unique cluster of beautiful islands. Husband Hilmy is the owner of Coco Privé with his three brothers. Once a destination where backpacks could rent a room for 60 dollars, now Maldives became one of the most luxurious destinations.

 After buying this small island they wanted to keep the natural ambiance adding luxury facilities and services. They gave a new hospitality concept to Maldives. From that small island they started searching for an entire island, and built a few elegant villas only available for high-net-worth individuals: Coco Privé!

A famous architect was called to take in hands the project, Gus Wilkinson, since he was and is one of the best architects in green roof construction like the Meera Sky Garden House on Singapore’s Santos Island.

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 Wilkinson created a design for six open-plan villas using timber, glass and concrete. What he wants the most about the structure is to maximise the ocean views, creating an environment that combines inside and out. A concept of modern and sophistication, but at the same time comfortable.

The floor-to-ceiling windows create a seamless transition the inside to the outside featuring spectacular views of the trees, flowers and the blues water and sky.

Inside, the interior features modern furniture and it is lovely like the outside, where guests love to spend more time. Your private chef is ready all the time to prepare your favorite gourmet meals. You can choose to have your meals outside or inside. Outdoor there are tall coconut palms and banana and papaya trees, and also hibiscus.

What you’ll love the most are the beach and the sea and that is what makes Maldives a celebrated destination.

You can learn about the care of the island’s coral reef and Coco Privé’s participation in the Maldives’ National Sea Turtle Photo Identification project. The resident marine biologist also takes curious guests on guided snorkel trips.

You will experience Maldives at its best exploring the waters and there is a best way if not with someone that knows the behaviour of the natural see life.

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During your stay at Coco Privé you can experience also snorkeling, watersports such as canoeing, kayaking, and windsurfing.

At Coco Privé you can recharge and relax, a spa treatment or yoga session with the resident yoga instructor, Hilmy suggests his favorite place of repose to just, as Maldivians say, fikureh nethi araam velahvaarelax without a care in the world.

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