Red Rock Canyon Electric Bike Tour at Sunrise

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There are many exciting experiences you want to try while traveling especially when you venture yourself in such destinations like the Red Rock Canyon.

There’s nothing so inebriating then riding a bicycle through the colours of the scenery of Red Rock Canyon. More than that ebike ride red rock tours Las Vegas won’t give you the fatigue of pedalling under the sun so you can enjoy the ride during sunrise with the cool breeze.

Ezridelv offers the most exciting tour. Their electric bicycles provide a comfortable ride that is so easy to handle. You will escape Las Vegas from the seat of a bicycle and 30 minutes later, in the early morning, you will arrive in Red Rock and enjoy a desert sunrise tour even in July. It is the only company the offers this tour so early in the morning.

Their service is outstanding and they are happy to tailor your tour as well taking in consideration all your needs. Once you arrive you will enjoy the most spectacular sunrise with the mountain landscapes and sceneries.

Ezridelv is a family-run business and they have a great knowledge of the area, they know that your vacation time is invaluable and you should have the best quality time.

Please keep in mind that Red Rock is located just 15 miles west of Las Vegas and boasts some of the most amazing views found only in this part of the country.

Riding an electric bike through the rend and cream sandstone formations will give you the best of both worlds, riding on your terms and living the wildlife from waterfalls, feral horses, coyotes to a variety of desert plants. It is a tour suitable for everyone!

Are you ready for your next adventure?

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