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Perched on the tip of the Mexican peninsula of Baja California, Cabo boasts beaches on the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez and some of the best tequila around. Whether you are looking for solitary luxury or inclusive fun, it is a destination that is easy to reach and rewarding once there.

1- Accessible

One of the best things about Cabo is how easy it is to get there. The modern airport in nearby San José del Cabo is served by nearly 20 airlines that provide non-stop service from over 30 destinations in the United States, Canada and Mexico. A half-hour taxi ride from the airport to downtown Cabo, less time for the various coastal resorts that are scattered in between, puts you in vacation mode faster than you think. You can travel to Cabo San Lucas from the United States both by road and by sea. Ocean cruises allow visitors to enter the holiday atmosphere before checking in at their hotels or resorts. Alternatively, you can travel to Cabo San Lucas by road. If you choose to drive, you may encounter several army checkpoints. However, the military personnel in these checkpoints are polite and friendly. Their main task is to inspect vehicles for guns and drugs.San Jose del Cabo Los Cabos International Airport (SJD/MMSD ...


Playa El Medano is Cabo’s most popular beach, and this two-mile stretch of golden sand is perpetually crowded with bikini-seekers. But it is certainly not the only seaside treasure in the area. For romantics, Playa del Amor or Lover’s Beach is a popular spot thanks to spectacular caves, rock formations and clear tropical waters. Playa del Amor is also a popular snorkeling location, where visitors can see colorful tropical fish species that thrived here in the marine sanctuary. Solmar Beach is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking beaches you will encounter on a trip to Cabo San Lucas.

3-The food

A trip to Cabo San Lucas would not be complete without trying the many delicacies on offer. The local cuisine includes delights such as chocolate clams, fish tacos, smoked marlin, chicken tamales fajados, tamales de guemes and lobster sauteed with local sauces and vegetables. In addition, most restaurants, resorts and hotels serve specialties from other parts of the world such as Mediterranean, American and European cuisine. After eating, try local drinks such as Damiana or Clamato liqueur.Dining: Hecho En Mexico - Los Cabos Magazine

4-The weather

Cabo is the ideal place for anyone planning to spend their holidays in a warm and sunny place. In fact, the sun shines almost all year round, which means you shouldn’t necessarily worry about the gloomy weather when visiting Cabo San Lucas. The average annual temperature is 78 F. In general, Cabo San Lucas has more than 300 days of sunshine. The average water temperature is around 72 ° F, but can reach the mid-80s during the summer. In addition, Cabo San Lucas is not subject to hurricanes or tropical storms that devastate many vacation spots in the Caribbean. Most of these storms pass miles south of Cabo. All in all, there are only a few other holiday resorts that can boast such a pleasant holiday climate.


A trip to Cabo San Lucas would be incomplete without experiencing the city’s nightlife. This is because, when night falls, Cabo San Lucas comes to life as visitors and locals flock to bars, clubs and “spring break” type parties. Some of the places where you can spend the night are Squid Roe, B Lounge, Cabo Wabo, Mango Deck, Passion Club, Giggling Marlin, Nowhere Bar, Jungle Bar and Elbow Room. Moving from one entertainment venue to another is generally easy, thanks to the many taxis that patrol Cabo San Lucas at night. Beach lovers, this is the epicenter of the beach party center, starting with the most famous of all night clubs: Sammy Haggar’s Cabo Wabo.

6-The landscapes

Basically our hearts skip a beat when we land and see the majestic rock formations, Los Arcos, rising from the cerulean ocean. This escape worthy paradise has fringed palm trees, beautiful tropical blooms and lush flora. The skies are the bluest blues and the ocean breeze will calm everything that is suffering body and soul. It’s a beach wonderland that we can’t get enough of.Clima Cabo San Lucas – Temperatura dell'acqua • Quando andare • Meteo

7-Stellar golf

Give a name to a golf pro and here they have a special course: you will see the names of Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman almost everywhere you turn. But here’s an interesting thing: Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Golf & Spa Resort has the best of both with a “composite” course designed by both esteemed professionals, Nicklaus and Norman. It has altitude changes, also known as hills and panoramas, which will knock you down. Many of the courses have a breathtaking view of the deep blue and are embraced by native palms and shrubs. In a nutshell, there are many vegetables that you can discover and fall in love with in Cabo.

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