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Rows of multicolored houses piled haphazardly extend towards a dark blue horizon. The sound of the waves gently falling on the sand. The ease of access to the beach, the city and solitude. You can find it all in Corfu. Greece. It’s no secret that the Greek islands are some of the most beautiful places in the world.

1-The mythological beach of Paleokastritsa

Paleokastritsa itself is actually a tourist attraction. This long village on the central-western coast of Corfu is one of the most visited places on the island for its extraordinary beauty. The area now called Paleokastritsa is made up of a large number of beaches, bays, peninsulas and cliffs. All in all, a majestic piece of Corfu, where it is nice to spend the holidays. So much so that Ulysses himself stopped his boat trip on the way home after fighting in Troy to visit Paleokastritsa.

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2-The historic city of Campiello

The city of Corfu, especially in its old part, is perhaps one of the most fascinating jewels of modern Greece; an example of ancient Byzantine and Venetian art that will fascinate you with its alternation of intimate alleys and wide panoramic views. Embraced by the sea in the middle of the east coast of the island, the old city is delimited by its two ancient fortresses which completely surround it with its historic walls. Campiello the great city full of history is a good reason to visit Corfu.

3-The large airport

It may seem like a stupid reason, but Corfu airport is one of the many reasons to visit the island. One of the most difficult parts of the trip between the islands is that it is difficult to get from one place to another, while for Corfu not, given its airport. Having a large airport means that it is very easy to jump from almost anywhere and fly directly to the island. This saves time and sanity. It is also surreal to fly in and out of the airport as it is right on the water. It will seem like you are going to land at sea!


4-The food

Food is another good reason to go to Corfu. Greek food is really good and since Corfu is an island the fish is excellent but there are other excellent foods such as: Greek yogurt, honey, olive oil and salad. But the island of Corfu has an interesting history. Corfu was occupied by the Venetians, unlike mainland Greece, which was occupied by the Ottoman Empire. Corfu is also the part of Greece never conquered by the Turks. You will also find influence from the British and French. This is reflected in the food, so you will find a wide variety of dishes for every palate. Fish is a staple food, but some of the famous Corfu dishes are “Bourdeto”, which is usually served with redfish cooked in a spicy tomato sauce and potatoes.

5-Parking spaces by the sea

The parking lots to go to the beach in Corfu are really comfortable and many, during the summer with the heat I would say that finding the parking immediately is a good point in favor of the island of Corfu. Most beaches have ample and clearly signposted parking. If you have been traveling for a while, these things really stand out. Really, this makes a huge difference.


People can make a difference, in Corfu people are very kind to tourists and will try to help you in any way. The people of Corfu couldn’t be nicer. The people of Corfu will probably ask you what you think of the island and if you will come back, as it happened to me.

7-Rent a boat and visit the island

One of the most beautiful ways to visit the island is by boat. Even if you don’t have a boat license, you can rent a boat and, for a reasonable price, sail around Corfu. You can dart around the island, stopping at scenic spots, beaches and having dinner with fish whenever you feel like it.

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8-the beaches

The beaches of Corfu are obviously one of the reasons to visit the island. With over 130 miles of coastline, you are bound to find a beach you love. With a large car park it is easy to find a place and spend the day lounging on the beach. If you’re ready for an adventure, it’s easy to jump on the beach. This is a list of some of the most beautiful beaches in Corfu: Logas, Kontokali, Kassiopi, Sidari, Gouvia Marina and Porto Timoni.

9-Flowers in abundance

When I took a taxi from the airport to my hotel, I noticed the bougainvillea for the first time … everywhere. The flowers seem to cover every open space. You can find them on street corners, near garbage cans, dotted houses and lining walkways. The city of Corfu had a myriad of splendid blooms overflowing throughout the city. Corfu is studded with bougainvillea, their smell is pleasant and their color too. These flowers make the atmosphere pleasant and peaceful. As soon as I arrived, these flowers made me realize how beautiful the island of Corfu was, since they were everywhere.

Explore Durrell's Corfu by The Natural Adventure Company | Bookmundi

10-Stay in luxury

One of the things that you will really appreciate about Corfu is that you will feel like you are constantly in luxury, restaurants, beaches and hotels will give you this feeling, since in the island of Corfu luxury is everywhere. If you like luxury Corfu is the island for you, you will never miss luxury on this island. If you want to have a real luxury holiday I recommend you rent a villa, in Corfu it is full of luxury villas with swimming pools and exclusive sea views. So basically these are some of the reasons to go to Corfu and I would say that there are many.

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