New startup introduces “hands-free” travel with wheeled carryon bags with unique Retrastrap assures hands-free, pain free and anti-theft travel with wheeled carryon bags with its breakthrough retractable strap known as RetraStrap.

Columbus, OH – December 14, 2017 – No more neck and shoulder pain while traveling with wheeled carryon bags! A new futuristic startup is making traveling with carry-on luggage easier and pain-free with its revolutionary hands-free Retrastrap. The innovative product is a retractable strap which you can hook to your luggage and then wear the other end around your shoulder to keep both the hands free for other chores.

Retrastrap has won the prestigious Gold Merit Award from INPEX in 2016.

“Being a frequent traveler I know the hassles of traveling with wheeled carry-on bags. Constant pulling of your carry-on in the same twisted posture throughout the trip gets really taxing on arm, shoulder and neck muscles. Moreover, it keeps your hands occupied which makes things inconvenient when you have to carry your coffee or talk over the phone or do any other chore with your hands. But you can finally bid adieu to all such hassles from now on. Our Retrastrap is meticulously designed to relieve you from the physical stress and other inconveniences you face while pulling the carry-on wheeled luggage. Put simply, we ensure you the much awaited ‘hands-free’ travel with our revolutionary retractable strap. We also assure a safe way of traveling with your carry-on wheeled luggage when you are armed with our retractable strap”, smiled Omar Abass, the inventor behind Retrastrap.

It’s Omar’s own painful experiences with traveling with wheeled carry-on bags that inspired him to brainstorm about an appropriate solution- and thus RetraStrap was born.

Speaking further, Omar Abass outlined the unique functional features of Retrastrap:

  • Comfortable hands-free and pain-free traveling with carry-on wheeled luggage. RetraStrap uses the weight of torso to pull the weight.
  • Fitted with elastic attachment for maximum comfort while walking. Most importantly, the elastic part absorbs shock and keeps the wheeled luggage stable while moving.
  • Keeps the bag just behind the user and follows him/her smoothly as the traveler makes a turn. No issues of the bag getting bumped into the user.
  • RetraStrap doubles up as an anti-forgetting and anti-theft device and keeps the wheeled luggage attached right to the body of the user.

As the strap is retractable, it does not hang loose or touch the ground or get entangled.

“Our RetraStrap can be used by anybody, irrespective of shape, size and height. You can adjust it easily to fit your specific body size and layers of clothing. Moreover, it’s extremely easy to use and it takes only a couple of seconds to wear the strap and you are ready to go.” is soon to launch a crowdfunding campaign to spread the word about its innovative Retrastrap to the world and garner mass support. Early contributors will be rewarded with the Retrastrap at highly discounted rates.

“It will be great if you can subscribe with our site. Our email subscribers will receive all updates first, including the notifications of our upcoming crowdfunding campaign.”

For more information, please visit

Media Contact
Company Name: RetraStrap
Contact Person: Omar Abass
Phone: 614-500-7074
City: Columbus
State: OH
Country: United States




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