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Macau, China


Macau is a very interesting place to visit as it is characterized by uniqueness. It is officially part of China’s Special Administrative Region. Because of the different nations that have conquered this town over the centuries, it has been a melting pot of diverse cultures. Indeed, it is the point in China where East meets the West. With its rich heritage and world-class contemporary city amenities, it is the perfect spot for thrill-seekers and pleasure travelers. 

Macau, China

Tourist Attractions

If history is your cup of tea, you will delight in the Historic Centre in Macau that is already included in the list of world heritage sites. Stroll around to see numerous architectural marvels such as the Mount Fortress and the Lou Kau Mansion. Evidences of culture fusions like cathedrals and temples are also worthy of visiting. The Na Tcha Temple and St. Domini’s Church are among the interesting religious sites to explore. The monuments in the city are remarkable too. Macau’s Las Vegas Strip of the East is also flocked by tourists. It houses the largest casino in the world with shopping center that has rivers running through it. Macau’s gambling industry is said to be the biggest in the world, even surpassing that of the Sin City, Las Vegas. 

Macau, China


Shopping is the second most popular activity in the city, next only to gambling. Malls are usually beside a casino. From the high-end malls to flea markets, you will find everything that you can think of from the standard to the most unusual stuffs. Products range from herbal cures, designer watches and clothes to electronic items and jewelries. Antiques and unique souvenir items can be grabbed along the shops that dot the streets between the St. Paul ruins and Largo de Senado. Haggling is the game in street markets if you want to get the stuffs in your favored price. Those who want one huge place where to do all shopping with convenience, among the most famous malls in Macau are The Grand Canal Shoppes and Wynn’s Esplanade. Book your Macau Hotels with

Entertainment and Nightlife 

The nightlife in Macau is definitely buzzing. Sleeping seems to be optional in the city with the nonstop fun at sundown brought about by tons of hip bars and casinos. Try your luck in the strip along the southern part and waterfront of the city. Rub elbows with the elites in the famous Venetian Macau or in Casino Lisboa. You won’t come empty-handed even if you burn some of your bucks with the fun that it can bring you. Bars are usually adjacent to a casino but there are also stand-alone bars along Avenida Sun.

Macau, China

Best Museums

Macau’s cultural heritage can be also found in its museums. The Macau Museum holds collections that manifest the way of life of the locals from the ancient Chinese civilizations prior to the arrival of the Europeans to the present-day residents. The Maritime Museum located at the Square of the Barra Pagoda features the city’s maritime history. Different ships and fishing methods and tools are housed in the edifice for all the visitors to see. Various species of fishes are presented as well. Racing enthusiasts, meanwhile, can have a blast in the Grand Prix Museum which holds a collection of different cars that participated and won in the Guia circuit, including memorabilia of prominent people in racing world.


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