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Know about London city while exploring the Top London attractions

There is no wonder as why London is known to be one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world. There are too many activities which you will love to do on your trip to London. To bring new dimension in your experience of London trip we are presenting the list of top 9 London attractions of the city so that you know how to enjoy the trip and make it memorable.
1. Convent Garden: At No 1 we have Convent Garden. It is one of the most popular shopping destinations in London, which is preferred by Londoners and Tourists both. Besides shopping you can enjoy few drinks in the bars and pubs and get entertained by brilliant street performance.

2. Hyde Park: The next in the list is the Hyde Park; this is extremely popular among the tourists and is one of the Royal Parks. It is situated to the northwest of the Buckingham Palace and covers nearly 625 acres of area.

3.St Paul’s Cathedral: When you are in London, how can you miss visiting St Paul’s Cathedral which seats London’s Bishop? This is situated at the Ludgate Hill and this is the highest point of the city

4. Picadilly Circus: Next we have in the list is Picadilly Circus which was built in the year 1819. This is a public place and also junction of roads. This location is a prime tourist attraction and you will visit two statues here one is Shaftesbury Memorial and another is Eros. If you want you can take photographs here.

5. Tower of London: Among top attractions in London, Tower of London is said to be the most popular one. People coming here from different locations; never want to miss this glorious spot in London. This famous Fortress was built by William who was the first Norman Kings of England.

6.Westminster Abbey: Once you visit England and especially London, and then never miss the chance to explore the beauty of the most popular church in England, Westminster Abbey. This church was established during the 10th century and till date is holding its own glory. The interior beauty is marvelous and worth watching for all.

7.London Eye: One of the major and must to visit attraction of London is surely is London Eye. It is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe. It is of 132 meters tall and there are 32 passenger capsules. It started operation on 31 December 1999, to celebrate the beginning of new Millennium

8. The Parliament: UK Parliament is another top attraction of London. This is famous because of the well famed Big Ben and excellent architecture of the building which is of Gothic style. It is situated beside the North Bank of Thames River. It has House of Lords and the House of Common and is part of Palace of Westminster.

9.Buckingham Palace: The trip to London remains incomplete without visiting the Buckingham Palace. It is the residence of Queen Elizabeth II, and is situated in the city of Westminster. Changing of the Guard in the Palace is worth watching and you can also enjoy a walk in the beautiful garden of the palace.



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