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Traveling in Southeast Asia: Vaccinations and Tips

 When we planned our trip to Southeast Asia we were very excited, but we had to take into consideration many things including weather, culture, and travel conditions wherever we wanted to go.

We want to share with you a list that will help you prepare your trip to Southeast Asia, in fact we believe this list was very useful to us. Keep in mind it’s a rather general list, covering a wide range of conditions in the region.

We decided to backpack around Southeast Asia and we read so many wonderful adventures, especially one where a backpacker got the Japanese encephalitis. We really wanted to take all the health precautions and this tool helped us a lot

Anyhow we can’t find enough words to describe the beauty of Southeast Asia land. We believe that if you are planning to travel to Southeast Asia you have made the right choice!

backpacking Southeast Asia

We found backpacking in Southeast Asia much easier and less complicated that we have ever imagined, the people are really warm and friendly.

The question we always get asked is ” how much time do you need to visit Southeast Asia?”, we backpacked for two months but we believe we needed more, there are so many sights to explore and cultures to experience.

There are many that backpacked to Southeast Asia for nine months but they believe they should have more time, you never get bored. You are always going to have amazing experiences even though you will stay there for a couple of weeks, keep in mind that!

You should start from what your passions are and what you really want to experience on your first trip, from there you choose the places and you decide how much time to spend in each place.

Each country has its own visa, so you should get the right visa

Most countries in Southeast Asia allow fairly easy visa-free entry, or visa upon arrival, for stays ranging from two weeks to three months. For example, Cambodia allows you to the an e-Visa online that will avoid you visit a Cambodian embassy or consulate.

To enter Vietnam for example, US passport holders required to get prior visa approval at a Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate.

Backpacking southeast asia

Health Precautions you should take

When traveling and visiting Southeast Asia disease risks are possible, so you need to be very cautious from the tap water, to when you explore and hike through the jungles, you need the right jabs in. Make sure to review the travel vaccinations you should take before starting your journey. You should also study the best practices to take when hiking while in Vietnam for example. There is a flu called the Bird flu that many people just don’t take into consideration but you can take unexpectedly.

Another disease you should be aware of is  Japanese encephalitis. Many associate this disease to Japan, however, yes it is prevalent in Western Japan with peak transmission occurring the early summer and fall seasons, but it also spreads into other countries, including the Southeast Asia regions due to the fact that this virus is spread via mosquitoes feeding on infected animals, mammals, and birds. The people that work in and around rice fields, irrigation systems and live in rural areas are the ones that can be the more affected. The symptoms usually include fever, severe headache, vomiting, general lethargy, but many times not everyone will show symptoms. This disease can be fatal in some cases. There is a vaccination against JE and we also suggest to take insect bite prevention. Since all the vaccinations need to be timed before traveling you should consult a medical practitioner.
The risk especially when you backpacking in these territories is medium to high especially if you choose the “right” season to travel to these countries. You should keep yourself always dry (we used to change our sweater and protect ourselves with repellents) we added accommodation during our trip that had air least for the hikes in the middle of the jungle.
backpacking southeast Asia

The Best Time to Go

We backpacked in Southeast Asia during the month of February and March, temperatures are milder during those months as well from November to April. But the temperatures vary depending on which region you are.

If you are going to include Indonesia in your trip the best time to visit is from April to October. In Malaysia the best season is from January to March and June to September, these months are the ones when there is the lowest average rainfall. Thailand’s best season is from November to February. You should avoid the rainy season that is from June to October. In general in Vietnam, it depends on which part you go, but January to May is the best time. In Cambodia, the best time to go is from November to May.

We can say that overall if you’re planning to explore Southeast Asia the best time to go is from November to April.






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