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Italy Wine Tour

Do you enjoy wine made in Italy? If you appreciate a variety of wines, you would definitely love the idea of visiting different wineries and regions that specializes in winemaking. A grand tour with an experienced chauffeur is time-saving and gives you an experience that helps you learn the people’s culture in the region.

We endeavor to make your tour count and always look forward to visiting the region next time with your friends. 

So, What is a Wine Tour?

A wine tour in Italy is a rich adventure where you get to experience the wine production process. Some of Italy’s most famous wine-producing regions are Piedmont, Tuscany, Veneto, Trentino-Alto Adige, and Emilia Romagna. 

A wine tour is not centered on wine tasting in the wineries alone, but is called an adventure because it also involves visiting the grape-producing regions. From the farms, you can sample the grapes while still fresh and experience the tastes from the different areas.

After sampling the grapes fresh from the vines, you can then head to the processing area/winery for further experience. Here, your taste buds and the sensory glands become stimulated. You learn about the aroma and tastes of wines produced at different ages. If you like, you can have a few bottles to take home.

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Why is Italy Famous for Wine Tour?

Most wine-producing countries pretty much have the wine tour experience. As one of the largest countries producing wine globally, Italy gives wine tours a magnificent twist. Besides wine tasting, the wineries also have food joints where food is served, accompanied by the right wine type. So, if you don’t know which wine to take when, the tour can help you learn the difference.

Additionally, each tour is personalized. We all have various reasons why we choose to go on these tours. In Italy, wine producers do not assume what people want to know. But, if you are a total newbie, you can be taken through wine tasting basics. For personalized tours, you ought to make bookings in advance, especially during the busy harvesting period.

Another thing worth noting is the wine vintage. Although countries boast of having aged wine, you can get a wine that is above 60 years, a whole 6 generations in Italy. The cellars where the wines are kept to age have unique designs with no specific architecture made for this purpose. 

Prices and Packages

Feeling excited about a wine tour already? Alba Wine Tours have different packages, each costing differently. It means you can adjust your budget accordingly since you are not limited to a particular option. They include:

  • 3-Days Piedmont wine tour

It is a 3-day tour where you get to experience different regions of Piedmont such as Roero, Barolo, and Barbaresco Canelli. The package for this tour goes for € 450 and consists of:

  • Wheelchair in case it is needed
  • Tour guide
  • Pick-up and drop-off done within a radius of 25km
  • Professional chauffer
  • Tasting experience
  • Tickets
  • Snacks
  • Stops at historical landmarks
  • Food and wine experience

You can ask as many questions that you want to be answered and make important notes during the tour. 

  • 4-days Piedmont Wine Tour

You enjoy a 4-day educational tour at Langhe Roero Turin for €600. The tour includes an exquisite experience of the people’s heritage and an intimate experience of the wine production process. This package includes:

  • Food and wine experience
  • Guided tour by an experienced guide
  • Chauffeur services
  • 8-10 visits to wineries
  • Museum tickets
  • Discovering and walking to some historical landmarks

You can as well take 1-day tours for €145 if what you want to learn or experience is not that much. Whichever package suits you, we are glad to deliver our services to give you a remarkable tour.

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Wine Tour Etiquette 

You are definitely not going to find a laid down etiquette for wine tours. However, it is always nice to know how to handle yourself. 

Some wineries are open to the public while others are private. Private wineries have restrictions, which require booking for tours. In both, here is some valuable etiquette to have:

  1. Punctuality 

Whereas you can check in any time at the public wineries, consider arriving on site early. It brings convenience to you, other groups attending the tour, and the host. Since most wineries have gone online, check with your host to see when they open and plan your tour within that time.

  1. Wine Tasting

When tasting wine, you should make use of the tools provided. For example, if you sip a wine sample and don’t like it, it’s not advisable to spit on the tables or the floor. Wineries have spitting bins where you can spit. Bend to get closer to the bin to avoid soiling the floor.

If you like a sample, it is fine to have a refill. However, make sure you buy a bottle or two as a way of appreciating excellence in producing that wine.

  1. Mannerism  

When the host is taking the group through the winemaking process, it is great to remain cool. That is, avoid the temptation of talking to others as it can cause disruptions. 

Additionally, avoid taking all the attention. You can limit the number of questions if you are in a group so that others can also feel engaged. It also allows the host to show you as many things as they can during the tour.

Some things are kept in places where they should not be moved for efficiency and to avoid cross-contamination. While at the wineries or cellars, it is advisable to avoid being too touchy. Unless when permitted, avoid touching everything you come across.

Are you planning to visit Italy purposely for a wine tasting tour? You can get in touch with Alba Wine Tours and tell us about what you intend to achieve so we can help you select the right package for the tour. We are always ready to give you a mind-blowing experience through our luxurious services. 


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