How to put the Luxury in Camping

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Sitting by the side of a pool is a luxury trip, one that should be valued and enjoyed. I love taking my family to stay in great villas in wonderful surroundings.

In recent years I have also explored the world of luxury camping and I have put together a list of list of luxury campsites that might be interesting for you to review. You may be interested to know that the term most used with luxury camping is Glamping.

Glamping is actually the combination of the outdoor world and the world of luxury. If you have ever wanted to experience the outdoor world but have been put off by the idea of your standard tent, thin sleeping mat and soggy sleeping bag glamping might be for you.

Of course, regular camping can be great fun but if you want that 5-star experience Glamping is probably the experience for you. It shows no signs of slowing in popularity. In a world where we can spend a lot of time caged up either at home or at work, Glamping gives us the opportunity to reconnect with the outdoors.

What constitutes a Glamping experience, it can really be anything there is no real prescriptive way. I will outline some of thing things you might expect. One of the most popular forms of accommodation in recent times has been the humble Yurt which gives you a luxury feel with space but still being outside in the wild. They can be fitted with stoves and warm carpets on top of that special feeling. One of the obvious difference here is when you arrive there is no setting up a tent or unpacking your car, it’s already set up for you.

One of the frequent additions to the experience could be a hot tub or an amazing vista. The common theme that most of these types of getaways have is that they will take you to amazing places.

I have to be honest as much as I love staying in villas or smart hotels there really is nothing that beats sleeping in the fresh air. You may or may not have access to a pool but you might have the opportunity to wild swim. The point is that camping gives you access to the places you would not normally go.

In recent years there has been an increase in individuals as well as companies creating paradise in inventive ways. If camping might be something you want to try why not ‘find a campsite near me and start planning your next adventure. You may even decide you prefer old school camping and want to put up your own tent in a location of your choice.

With any new experience, it’s important you enter into it with an open mind. Try and get rid of the preconceptions of what a camping holiday is. You might surprise yourself you could be sipping cocktails on the African savannah or camped up in a Yurt in Dorset with fluffy warm rugs under your feet.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief overview and it gives you a few more options for your next holiday

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