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I couldn’t believe summer 2018 was upon me because I have been waiting earnestly for it. I started my current job on February 2017 and I wasn’t able to take a summer vacation because I wanted to work my way up before taking any leisure trips. 2018 summer was definitely my time because I had worked for a full year and few months so I had money in my bank account and the option to utilize my 3 weeks annual leave.

By February 2018, I  had already made plans with my bestie that we would make the trip together and she was quite excited so I couldn’t wait. My travel plans were almost scattered because my bestie happened to not be able to make the trip. Terrible right??

It was indeed terrible until my younger sister introduced me to and I was quite amazed at how I could find a platform that could connect me to other potential travelers of any gender who had similar travel plans but no one to go with them. It was like a dream come true, more like an answered prayer because I really wanted to travel.

Elastic Trip

It was a beautiful experience to be honest  because we got to explore beautiful places in manila, the capital of Philippines like the manila bay and manila beach. We also discovered and explored the famous natural resort in Bali which is one of the most visited places for couples in the world right now. lets you share travel experiences with people that want to travel to a destination which you’ve been to helping them to make better travel decisions. They also let you choose the age, gender, and personal preferences of people who you want to travel with. 

Try this platform today and you wouldn’t be disappointed.


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