Sunday, January 24, 2021

Cryptocurrencies While Travelling: How and Why

When you are an avid traveler, it is sometimes very complicated to managing international currency. Due to new regulations, the amount of money we can carry on is very limited due to international tax laws. There are other ways travellers can pay for goods and services while they are traveling the world.

Travellers can also use other than credit cards and cash cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency provides us with a secure and private way to control our money regardless of where we are, without limitations, and without having to pay exorbitant fees. And because cryptocurrency payments are impossible to block, your account can never be frozen.

No more waiting on hold with your bank’s phone support!!

Countries that accept Bitcoin as a Payment Method

Chinese government has come out, recently, and stated they will be focusing on blockchain and more specifically, digital currencies. South Korea is interested in accepting crypto. However, countries like Venezuela have adopted crypto plus western countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and EU that are making many changes to allow adding crypto via methods like marketplaces, crypto ATMs so you will be able to exchange BTC for cash.

Things you can do with Bitcoin

There are many things you can do with bitcoin and traveling with crypto has the advantage to cut down on money exchange fees.

Below the shops that accept bitcoin as a method of payment:

● Several Subway branches accept Bitcoin as payment for their sandwiches.

● CheapAir an American online travel agency, they sell planet tickets in exchange for bitcoin

● AT&T this mobile carrier, have provided a cryptocurrency payment option to their customers

● KFC Canada decided to accept Bitcoin for a limited time

Book a hotel with Bitcoin

There are many services to choose from who offer hotel bookings that accept bitcoin, especially in popular places. Keep in mind though that many say they accept crypto but when you are ready to checkout there won’t be options to pay by crypto. One that is very useful is Destinia hotel room booking and accepts bitcoin payments.


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