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Car Hire Tips for this Summer

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If you want to save money and avoid being ripped off on your next car rental, here are 5 effective tips to help you out:

1. Research

If you want the best deals of wheels, you should start by sifting through the deals available at,, or since there are so many rental options at the arrivals halls nowadays. The websites listed here all compare rates of the major providers. If you want more bargains, try deleting cookies on your computer and compare the .com and .ie websites of the same provider since you will probably note a significant price difference. If your schedule is flexible enough, tweak your pick-up and drop-off times by a few hours and you will probably be surprised by the savings you enjoy.

Tip: If you are a budget traveler, check whether your destination has a used car rental service such as

2. Location

The pick-up location plays a critical role in determining your rate. Airports might have the most competitive car hire rates and the largest fleets, but they are subject to additional levies not found at downtown zones. Your quote can reduce significantly for longer road trips, cab ride to a provincial town, or quick train ride. It is one of the top car hire tips. You should also try looping your trip whenever possible since dropping your vehicle off at a different location is likely to result in additional hefty charges.

Tip: might be typically located in more suburban areas, but it picks up and drops off clients from the town’s radius, which is a handy bonus.

3. Get the Insurance Breakdown

Whether you are hiring a BMW 5 Series or a moped, it is important to get the right amount of coverage i.e. not too much and not too low. A Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) in case of an accident is absolutely critical, but even that is not likely to spare you the excess charges that can be as high as $2,000. If you love going on road trips, you should consider getting an annual car hire excess policy. For as little as $50 annually you can save hundreds of dollars.

Tip: Insurance agents will try up-selling all kinds of insurance, so be realistic about your itinerary before agreeing to add-ons. Money Expert find the cheapest car insurance

4. Avoid GPS

GPS is one of the commonest extras usually charged on car rentals. For instance, Hertz charges over $20 a day for the device alone. But, it is that necessary? Today, the combination of Google Maps and your smartphone offers a very reliable alternative or at least a handy one, considering that you can pin routes and stops before collecting the car keys. A signal will obviously be necessary, but you should not run off the road if you run out of Wi-Fi by screen-shooting your directions.

Tip: Carrying your own child or baby car seat might be hectic on the airplane, but can save you money and give you peace on mind while on the road.

Car hire tips: Doing your research can translate to major savings!

5. Safety First

It is always important to familiarize yourself with the cockpit of the car before hitting the road. It might sound obvious, but even a person that goes on road trips frequently can be confounded. You can encounter everything from Smart vehicles that can give you headaches just to engage the reverse gear to vehicles where you are unable to use the high beams. A quick parking-lot ‘road test’ can be a lifesaver even for a fool-proof automatic transmission before you hit the road.


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