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7 Best Beaches in Bali

Bali is famous for its exotic landscapes and beautiful vegetation. Although there is this and more to see, this beautiful Indonesian island is remembered above all for its magnificent sea. Here is a selection of the 7 best beaches in Bali.

1-Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is one of the most sought after by tourists. It is located west of Bali and is about 12 km long, it is known worldwide for its beautiful sunsets and conditions suitable for surfing. Particularly hectic and suitable for those who want to have fun and nightlife but also for those who want to surf, both night and day, it boasts a fair number of bars, restaurants and discos, which alternate throughout its length. The sand on the beach is of volcanic origin.

Bali, Beach, Kuta, Estate

2-Legian Beach

Legian beach is the natural continuation of that of Kuta, in fact it is located north of Kuta, but much less crowded. Ideal for those looking for long walks on the beach supported by the view of postcard sunsets, suitable for those seeking relaxation or for those who want to surf, at Legian Beach, sometimes, it can be difficult to swim, given the presence of waves: but nothing too worrying. The sand on this beach is also of volcanic origin.

3-Seminyak Beach

Seminyak is a very long beach, it is the continuation of Kuta beach, with a double life. During the day it is ideal for those who want to learn to surf, take long walks and swim. After sunset it is ideal and we like to make nightlife, its famous trendy clubs open wide the doors, and give way to the well-known nightlife, which often ends with the view of a romantic sunrise. This beach also has volcanic sand.

Spiaggia Di Seminyak, Bali, Beach, Viaggio, Estate

4-Lovina Beach

Lovina is a very long beach and is located on the west coast of Bali, where peace is truly possible. Little frequented by tourists and surrounded by coconut trees it is ideal for those who want to snorkel or for those who want to relax, the beach is known to all for the presence of dolphins, visible to the naked eye early in the morning, not far from the coast. At dawn it is possible to rent boats to go and see them up close. The sand of this wonderful beach is golden.

5-Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran Beach is definitely one of the most romantic places in Bali, located south of Bali. Very long beach, at low tide it is possible to observe the fragments of coral and shells of all kinds come to the surface. Uncrowded in the morning, it tends to fill up with life towards evening, when, by candlelight eating in one of the typical restaurants, it is possible to observe the enchanting sunsets. This beach is ideal for those who want to relax but also for people who like to do nightlife. Also suitable for those who want to surf. Its sand is golden.

6-Bingin Beach

Bingin beach is among all, the Bali beach that offers the most spectacular panorama: the bay is located south of Bali and is topped by very high cliffs that fall sheer into the water, of an emerald green color. The low tide here lasts a long time, so it can be very difficult to swim, but on the other hand, the area is very suitable for learning to surf, also given the presence of spectacular waves. The beach is also ideal for relaxing. The sand is golden and the beach also has many rocks.

Villa Bingin Beach House, Uluwatu, Indonesia -

7-Balagan Beach

Balagan Beach is a 200m beach with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, located in the southern part of Bali. Having become a place of worship for surfers, both tourists and residents, Balagan is also subject to the movement of the tides which, when they are high, allow you to swim quietly. The characteristic little bamboo places on the beach can be a pleasant alternative to deceive the weather in the low tide hours. Also ideal for relaxing, its sand has a golden color.

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