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7 best activities to do in Bora Bora

The 118 islands are scattered in more than 5 million square kilometers of ocean, these islands have a lot of things to do. Today we have found for you the 7 best activities to do in Bora Bora!

1-Helicopter trip

Enjoy the views while sipping champagne poured by the pilot himself. See Mount Otemanu and the turquoise lagoons. Watch the sunrise, sunset, or both. A helicopter trip is an excellent opportunity to take fantastic pictures. Those who tried it described the trip as “out of this world” and “incredible”. The landscapes of Bora Bora seen from above are truly something wonderful, you can take some fantastic photos of yourself, and this helicopter tour will be a fantastic memory.

Polinesia francese: da Bora Bora a Tahiti - Foto Dove Viaggi


Kitesurfing combines parasailing with windsurfing. Using a maneuverable kite, you will be guided on the water by a surfboard instead of a boat. You can try freestyle and leeward surfing by taking lessons from an instructor. Strangely, the reviews of the local sports center speak above all of the fantastic instructor, his patience and the ability to motivate you, as well as the fun experience. Don’t miss such a thing. Kitesurfing is one of the most fun activities that will test you.


See marine life in aquabike. The two-seater scooter is immersed in turquoise waters and a diving expert will accompany you. It is a sort of two-seater submarine from which you can give the fish pieces of bread. A splendid and romantic experience to try absolutely. With this scooter you will certainly not be bored, you can admire marine life up close and move comfortably where you like most.

Bora Bora Underwater Scooter |

4-Submarine dive

Immerse yourself in a yellow submarine and try to recognize the many marine animals that you will see during the dive of 30 wonderful minutes in the rich waters of the lagoon. Admire the coral reef and try to spot a sea turtle or a moray eel. You will have a lot of fun observing marine life in all its beauty. You can move comfortably in the depths of the sea.

5-Boat trip

Rent a boat for a day and enjoy a wonderful tour of the island and the lagoon. A tour guide will accompany you to show you the virgin areas of the island, and you can snorkel and swim among tropical fish and corals. Another activity not to be missed is a boat ride through the fantastic islands of Bora Bora.

Bora Bora al tramonto a bordo del catamarano 2020

6-Jeep safari

See WWII emplacements and cannons and enjoy fruit tastings. Take a tour of the 3 villages on the route, observe the landscape from the 4 panoramic points and take splendid pictures of the lagoon. Drivers love their island, and love to share stories and information about their local culture, flora and fauna. Unforgettable experience, you can admire the history and culture of this wonderful place.


Observe the marvelous lagoons, Mount Otemanu and the surrounding islands with a bird’s eye view. observe marine fauna, turtles, sharks and rays from above. Or just feel the wind on your body as you go around the island. If you want to make your stay in Bora Bora unforgettable, remember not to miss this activity.

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