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5 Best Honeymoon Villas in St Barth

The famously beautiful island is a combination of the French Romantic culture and Caribbean lifestyle, enjoy lounging on its peaceful beaches or go shopping in its most glamorous streets. 

It is one of the more diminutive island in the French West Indies, however it is also one of the most beautiful. 

A honeymoon in St. Barts is a taste of the good life, despite the island’s glamorous  reputation, the white-sand beaches, warm blue-green waters and lush vegetation are a post card come to life. 

During the day, you can spend time swimming or lounging on the spectacular beaches; our suggestion is to rent a luxury car and explore the island, probably the best way to soak up a bit of its culture and history, while enjoying the gorgeous views. 

From snorkelling at Gouverneur or Shell Beaches to surf at Anse de Cayes, or shopping in Gustavia chichi boutiques (Hermès, Prada, Rolex just to name a few), St. Barth is a great place where to spend your honeymoon. 

At night, a sunset cruise is the perfect romantic way to explore the island, celebrate your vacation zipping champagne. 

Haute Retreats selected collection of villas in St. Barts includes beautiful romantic homes in the best spots of the island. 

1 Villa Caramba 

A delightful property set at the end of the peninsula neighbourhood of Pointe Milou. Enjoy the sea breezes and the spectacular vistas. 

Villa Caramba features two bedrooms but can be rented as a one bedroom villa. Now it also features a path that leads down to the water and the dramatic coastline.

2 Villa Vitti

One of the most exclusive St. Barth Rentals. It is walking distance to Gustavia and features a private stairway with direct access to Shell Beach.

Shell Beach is a short walk to Gustavia, you will love the beautiful sunsets from the large terrace. 

It is a five bedroom villa but you can rent it as a 1 or two bedroom villa in certain weeks of the year. Experience luxury, sunset, expansive space and beach access. 

3 Villa Lao

A warm and inviting villa with plush couches, hued wood turning up in the bed frames and floors. The layout of Villa Lao makes it an ideal retreat for your next vacation, since the bedrooms have their own private terrace and Jacuzzi. This villa can be rented as a two bedroom home and the terrace with the jacuzzi create the best atmosphere for your romantic retreat. The views are astounding especially at sunset. Our concierge can arrange to the have the refrigerator pre-stocked with champagne and a private chef can be arranged to cook for you a great dinner.

4 Villa Lina

Villa Lina is a beautiful home designed by architect Johannes Zingerle, built to be distinguished by its comfort and well being feeling. The secluded location let you enjoy the tranquil environments, defined by the ocean breezes and the amazing Caribbean sea views beyond Colombia and Flamand Beaches. The villa boasts beautiful views from everywhere. The inside is nice, contemporary and appealing, featuring materials like wood and stone which merge the indoors and outdoors, surrounded by tropical plants. 

5 Villa Sheherazade 

Enjoy seclusion and romance of Villa Sheherazade.

As the name suggests, this property will take you into the world of Sheherazade, the storyteller of One Thousand and One Nights, visions of Aladdin and Ali Bab and part of the love story when she tells them to the king. 

The Arabic touches are throughout the house, from the sand-color walls to the gently scalloped arch-shaped alcove above the king bed. 

There are subtle Arabic touches throughout the house, including softly textured, sand-color walls, light fixtures that suggest genies’ lamps, and a gently scalloped arch-shaped alcove above the king bed, as well as the mirrors and door frames. Villa Sheherazade is set in the hills of Corossol, giving you the feeling of living in a fairy tale. 


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