Tuesday, August 11, 2020

A beach holiday is a default for many when it comes to the summer months, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the same old when choosing a destination. Consider these five incredible beaches for a very different summer holiday this year.

Dreamland Beach, Bali

It’s safe to say there isn’t a bad beach in Bali per se—but to avoid the immense crowds on busier shores, head to Dreamland Beach. Tucked away on the Bukit peninsula, this beach looks as if it’s removed straight from a picturesque postcard. Although it can be a considerable hassle to get to, the reward is almost certainly worth the effort.

Bright blue waters caress the sandy shore here at Dreamland Beach, with towering cliffs providing a dramatic backdrop. Best of all, it’s one of the quieter beaches in Bali, meaning you won’t be distracted from the setting by heavy crowds. There’s a few small restaurants overlooking the water to retreat to once the day is done, too. Stay to snap a picture of the magnificent sunset.

Honokalani Beach, Hawaii

There’s certainly no shortage of beautiful scenery to be discovered in Hawaii, but Honokalani Beach is one of the many examples where nature reigns supreme. You’ll be practically isolated here, with the small beach boasting black sand that has become famous within the travelling community.

It isn’t a big beach at all, but it doesn’t matter when you’re sharing it with hardly anyone else. Situated three miles north of Hawa in Maui, you can find Honokalani Beach in Waianapanapa State Park. Once you’re done upon the shore, be sure to explore the park—it has everything from sea caves to lava tubes, alongside many other feats of natural wonder.

Treasure Beach, Jamaica

It’s more of a destination than a simple beach, but it’s safe to say Jamaica’s Treasure Beach is one of the places to be this summer. Incredible scenery, warm turquoise waters and a plethora of hotels, bars and restaurants make for a harmonious blend of sun, sand and summer fun.

There’s even a sports park here if you’re looking for a spot of exercise during your stay—Venus and Serena Williams have taught on the tennis courts. Culture is prevalent here, too, with authentic food offerings including jerk chicken and stew for when you step off the sand. For a unique getaway in the summer months, Treasure Beach could be the ideal spot.

Palawan, Philippines 

Although it’s one of the most popular tourism attractions in the world, Palawan remains one of the most beautiful and serene locations you’ll likely ever come across. With dramatic rolling hills, emerald waters and many coves and hideaways to discover, the natural beauty of this archipelago is simply unparalleled. It’s said to be one of the best places to scuba dive too, an activity recommended by 1Cover because of how much it benefits you.

There’s plenty to do here once you’re done with Palawan’s many beaches, too. The Underground River is one such example of the island’s sheer beauty, and you’ll be able to sail into a cave laden with wildlife and flora. It has also been given the honour of becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site—it’s practically guaranteed to blow you away.

Tulum, Mexico

A mix of culture, history and sea can be found in Tulum, the Mayan walled city located on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. From the Pyramid El Castillo and its surrounding ruins to the various temples scattered across the town, the beach remains a stone’s throw away—meaning you can retire to the sand once you’re done exploring.

It certainly makes for one of the world’s most unique locations, and it’s one that can appeal to almost anyone what with its varied attractions. Best of all, it isn’t too far from Cancún—so if you’ve got a day to waste, spending it in Tulum isn’t a bad idea whatsoever.

What beaches around the world are your favourite? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.


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