Tuesday, August 11, 2020

For many, the word “resort” brings visions of crowded pools, bland buffet dinners, and not-so-fun group activities. However a 7000-acre retreat that redefines the word resort is located along the Dominican Republic’s southeast shore, Casa de Campo, an exclusive enclave of hotels and luxury villas, complete with the activities you actually like and countless amenities. 

The community of Casa de Campo was started in 1974 by developer Charles Bluhdorn, and it was named after the Spanish for “country house”. For the first 10 years the estate was shared with very particular guests and special friends, including Oscar de La Renta. Oscar de la Rentals worked as interior designer for some of the original properties. After Bludhorn’s death, Casa de Campo was purchased and opened to public. It keeps the exclusive atmosphere and if you like a feeling of seclusion and privacy, Casa de Campo is for sure your perfect match. There are beautiful villas that have fantastic bedrooms and master bedrooms that boasts spectacular views of the ocean; here’s our favorite five bedrooms:

Villa Campo 16

Villa Campo 16 | Casa de Campo

All six bedrooms were designed to be very private, facing the sea and intimate interior gardens. Additionally, they each have their own private bathrooms with gray quartz flooring, modern showers, huge windows that allow Caribbean light to bathe the counter tops and basins, and luxurious walk-in closets fully lined in cedar.

Villa Campo 18

The luxurious master bedroom has a magical balcony on which you can relax and read a great novel, or simply lose yourself in the ocean’s magnificence. The first level bedrooms open up to both the vibrant green garden as well as to the turquoise blues of the sea. A true definition of luxury.

Villa Campo 14

Villa Campo 14 | Casa de Campo | Haute Retreats

The ground floor of Villa Campo 14 includes a cozy indoor living room, the dining room, a small office and a study. On the first floor there are the seven suites with private en-suite bathrooms boasting beautiful sea views.

Villa Campo 11

Villa Campo 11 | Casa de Campo | Haute Retreats

Inside the main living is a large open space that features high ceiling. While staying at this villa you can choose to dine outside or inside, two large dining areas perfect for our guests to enjoy their meals. The are four suites on the ground floor, two of them are handicapped accessible, there is a ramp from the driveway that eases the access inside for the wheelchair. All the suites boasts ocean views and includes air conditioning and private ensuite bathrooms.

Villa Campo 10

Villa Campo 10 | Casa de Campo | Haute Retreats

Villa Campo 10 features a total seven luxurious bedrooms, each with air-conditioning and en-suite bathrooms. The rooms are spacious and have private en-suite bathrooms. On the second floor there are the spacious master suite, the third master suite, and the kid’s bedroom are located on the second level. Each room in this villa is uniquely designed.
Villa Campo 10 is one of the most beautiful luxury retreats where to stay during your vacation at Casa de Campo resort.

Please visit https://hauteretreats.com/area/caribbean/ for more villas in the Caribbean or email info@hauteretreats.com




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