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The 4 Most Beautiful Beaches In Egypt

Egypt may be known for its pyramids and ancient artifacts, but its thriving seaside resorts are what have brought tourists in recent years. Famous for fantastic diving opportunities and bordering the wilderness of the Red Sea and the relaxation of the Mediterranean, Egypt may be grappling with political upheaval both at home and abroad, but its modern beach resorts provide a slice of relief for its tourism industry.

1-Fjord Bay


Taba, “The gateway to Sinai” is a delightful, rapidly developing town 75km north of Nuweiba. The Bay of the Fiord is the ideal place for diving, whether you have hundreds of hours of diving experience under your belt, or want to try it for the first time, which is why this place is such an amazing place to diving is due to the massive coral bed found at the bottom of the fjord. Just 50km south of Taba is the jaw-dropping Colored Canyon, a common world wonder and a kaleidoscope of shadows. The fjord, another fabulous site, just 15km south of Taba, is a delightful and protected bay with shocking coral reefs and amazing views. Along the beachfront course from Nuweiba to Taba – 15km south of Taba to be exact, a shimmering blue shade will stop you, then the fjord; an amazing coastline, plus a dive spot, which offers completely clear waters, beautiful coral reefs and exceptional marine life. For experienced jumpers The fjord is the place, the Banana fjord is another option for the less experienced. Fjord Bay is a hidden diamond on the Cairo-Taba road that’s rarely welcomed.Fjord Bay | Fiord Bay Taba, Egypt is a famous diving spot in… | Flickr

2-Ras Abu Galoum


This desert diving paradise is a feast for the eyes; the beautiful seascape contrasts brilliantly with the arid rocky land and makes the place very special to visit.ride through the desert by camel before diving into the depths of the Red Sea, and experience for yourself the magnificence of its underwater landscape. Hard and soft corals create the perfect environment for angelfish, parrotfish and Picasso fish, among others, so be sure to bring your underwater camera. Ras Abu Gallum is an ideal destination for snorkellers and divers of all levels, offering endless possibilities for exploration: from the shallows to the impressive 90-meter coral walls where it is not uncommon to meet schools of Napoleon fish among a multitude of other species. From Ras Abu Gallum or Dahab you can reach Jebel Fuga, a vast desert plateau surrounded by mountains by off-road vehicle. On the sides of a hill of Jebel Fuga you can admire one of the most interesting geological curiosities of the Sinai: the “Forest of Pillars”, so called for the black columnar lava formations that seem to emerge directly from the mountain and which can even reach and exceed one meter in height.

3-Ras Um Sid

Sharm El Sheikh

While almost all of the resorts in Sharm el Sheik have private beaches for their guests, Ras Um Sid is a public beach, albeit of limited size. Ras Um Sid also constitutes one of the closest diving spots to the Sharm El Sheikh marina. Note the position close to an imposing promontory. The best beach in Sharm El Sheikh, Ras Um Sid is an attractive beach full of things to do.With incredible views of the Red Sea, this popular holiday resort is also very popular with divers, who want to explore the richness of life beneath the waves.The setting, on top of a peninsula, means that the area is a little more relaxed and peaceful than other busier beaches in the area. Close to the ancient souk – a glimpse into the traditions and heritage of the locals – there is a wide choice of accommodation nearby, popular with families. The beach itself is a place where divers visiting Egypt will not they can help but be enchanted by the beauty of coral colors.

4-Soma Bay

Soma Bay is a bright new luxury tourist resort, located less than an hour from Hurghada airport, completely surrounded by the sea and famous for its 365 days of sunshine a year. No wonder it is fast becoming popular with European travelers looking to escape the cold winters when the sun shines on the Red Sea. The beach at Soma Bay is very long and runs alongside four of the five resorts: the Breakers, the Kempinski, the Sheraton and the Robinson. It overlooks a beautiful bay from which you can admire the profile of the mountain range of the Shaiyb al-Banat complex which has peaks that reach up to 2,000 meters. The bay is subject to the tides and in the morning the seabed is very low enough to allow long walks in the middle of the sea. The umbrellas are well spaced allowing maximum privacy. To protect themselves from the wind, there are special screens that everyone can arrange to their liking.Escursioni Soma Bay


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