3 things to do in Thailand

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Where can you fly from one tree to another like Tarzan? Or climb a temple made of Chinese porcelain? In Thailand, an international tourist destination, of which today I will reveal some extra secrets. There are so many guides around here, so here’s my very personal list of 10 things to do.

Flight of the Gibbon

In Chang Mai – Chang Mai is a wonderful city located in the northwest of Thailand, famous for its temples in the oldest style of Siamese civilization, the “Lanna culture”. Some of these temples, such as Wat Chedi Luang and Wat Suan Dok, also offer encounters with monks to allow for deepening monastic life and buddhist practices and rituals. In the jungle immediately outside the city, the Flight of the Gibbon agency will allow you to hit a suspended path that consists of passing cling to a pram from one tree to another through an adventurous zipline. The scenery is great and the fun you enjoy!

Meet elephants, responsibly

Who of us Westerners is not in love with elephants? Meeting the pachyderms is a magic experience, but we have to respect their nature! Here at Huffington we do not like circling shows or the exploitation of animals for commercial purposes. But there is a respectful and sustainable way to interfere with elephants: take care of them, wash them in the river Mae Taeng, observe the herd. At Elephant Nature Park you can experience this experience. You will help combat the demographic decline of elephants, actively supporting an animal protection program, with a responsible tourist approach. The Mae Taeng valley is also wonderful. You can indulge in a reckless rafting trip organized by the expert guides of Siam River Adventures.

The Golden Triangle

Explore the Golden Triangle. Visit Chiang Khong and admire the amazing Mekong habitat: eye to blah beuk, the giant Mekong Catfish, perhaps the world’s largest freshwater fish! Keep going and stop on the top of Phu Chi Fa, where you can admire one of Thailand’s finest views.


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