Wednesday, August 5, 2020

10 Travel Packing Tips

Here you will find how to pack for any trip, anywhere. Here are our 10 rules to smart packing.

1. Make a list. Although this rule seems pretty mundane it’s number one for a reason. Making a list of all the items to include in both your checked bag and your carry-on ensures that you’ve packed everything and that you haven’t double packed any extraneous items.

2. Pack light. Also fairly obvious. Also a rule we’ve seen broken time and time again. Unless you’ve got yourself a personal butler, chances are you’ll be lugging your own bags from place to place. So do your back a favor. Don’t pack your entire shoe closet or bring every electronic device known to man.

3. Make the most of your limited space. It’s pretty amazing how much you can fit into one small suitcase if you properly use every available square inch. Instead of folding, roll up your sweaters and other shirts, stuff your socks and belts into your shoes and wear your jacket on the plane.

4. Mix-and-match maximize your wardrobes potential by only packing clothes that can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits. Sticking to solid colors is a good rule as is including items that can be worn more than once in different ways.

5. Remember the return voyage. Don’t forget that you’ll more than likely want to bring home souvenirs, so leave some room in your bag for the return trip.

6. Pack a dressy outfit. It’s always a good idea to pack one nice outfit in case a special meal or occasion arises. Additionally, many cathedrals and religious sites require that shoulders and knees be covered or a tie be worn, so pack one dressy outfit just to be safe.

7. Bring travel-sized toiletries. Full-sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner, hair gel and the like really add to your packing poundage. Purchase travel sized bottles of toiletries or buy small bottles and fill them from your regular product bottles. Or use the best hanging travel toiletry bag.

8. Pack important items in your carry-on. Unfortunately lost luggage happens. In order to avoid a potentially uncomfortable border situation, pack your passports and visas, your money and necessary medications in your carry-on. That way you’ll still be all set should your luggage end up in another city,

country or continent.

9. Make your luggage stand out. Even if you don’t have fluorescent color luggage, you can still make your black or grey bags stand out on the conveyor belt by tying a brightly colored string or ribbon around your checked bag.

10. Check it twice. Remember rule number 1, make a list. Well here’s where you check it twice. Avoid that oh no moment at the airport by going over your list one more time before heading out the door. Chances are you might have forgotten something you can’t live without.

So there you go. Ten rules to smart packing.


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