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10 Top activities not to miss in Mykonos

Mykonos, the island in the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea which is considered as the cosmopolitan destination among the Greek Islands. This destination depicts the perfect amalgamation of history and beauty. Beaches and nightlife are the two main words which define a pure Mykonos experience is all about. Being a glamorous cosmopolitan island it is largely famous among the rich and famous.

Travel Mykonos
Mykonos 10 Not to miss activities | Haute Retreats

Now let’s dig deep as what to do while in this extravagant island of Mykonos


To-do activities list while visiting Mykonos are:

  • Soak yourself in the turquoise water alongside with some water adventures in the beaches:

The first must-do activity while in Mykonos is beach hopping as this expensive island is widely famous for its huge collection of beautiful beaches. Paradise beach, Super Paradise Beach, and Paraga are popular among the beaches of this island for soaking in the crystal clear waters and host to famous beach parties. While beaches such as Platys Gialos beach, Kalafatis Beach, Ftelia Beach and Elia Beach are apt for all sorts of water activities ranging from scuba diving, Kitesurfing to banana rides.


  • Explore the town of Mykonos:

The preserved beauty of this cozy little island is worth a stroll for real experience of Mykonos. Walk through the winding alleys with white buildings having blue doors on both sides. You can find the streets filled with boutiques, chic bars, art galleries, and cafes. Want to give your legs a rest, an also rent a scooter to explore the town of Mykonos is also another to-do activity while in this island. Also, while your stroll chances are high to bump into celebrities in this island.

  • Check-out the age-old windmills:

The most iconic feature of this island is its windmills in the south-east of Chora. Carry back your own personalized photographs with the ancient windmills as a memento of the trip.

Travel Mykonos
Mykonos 10 Not to miss activities | Haute Retreats

  • Tune on your religious side with a visit to the churches:

The island of Mykonos is home to about 70 Christian greek orthodox churches. Spend some time exploring the churches just to admire the architecture of these beautiful structures.

  • Dug up some history:

Pay a visit to the Folklore Museum is Kastro to find out the culture of the island, the Monastery of Paleokastro for the alluring architecture, the archeological museum and Aegean maritime museum to go back in time for history and culture of this greek island.

  • Party hard till sunrise:

This island is famous for providing with the best nightlife in greek. Be it the beaches of Paradise or beach bars such as Nammos, Jackie O etc. or pubs such as Scandinavian bar, the options are plenty to choose as your party destination.

  • Click some snaps of Petros:

Petros the Pelican is the symbolic figure of the island of Mykonos. A click with this most famous celebrity of the island is a must to complete your trip to the island.

  • Do some wine tasting:

Head to the Mykonos Vioma for some wine tasting in the windy weather, while here in Mykonos. A guided tour of the vineyard to sip of wine with a hearty meal is what one gets in this vineyard of Mykonos.

Travel Mykonos
Mykonos 10 Not to miss activities | Haute Retreats

  • Dine and wine in Little Venice:

The part of the island which hangs over the sea is called after the town of Italy called Venice. The serene beach atmosphere with the setting makes an ideal spot for a romantic dinner with your significant other. A meal in Little Venice is an added activity to the list of must-dos in Mykonos.

  • Boat trip to Delos:

Delos is the world heritage site by UNESCO and the most popular archeological site in Greece. Board a ship from the old harbor of Mykonos towards this island to spend a day amidst the archeological remains.

Pack your bags and head to this exotic island of Mykonos !!









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